A Personal Fairy Tail: Epilogue

*Many Years Later* A dialog.

Kaska-Ta  paused for a moment and turned to look behind him… nothing was there.   Then he turned to move forward and again saw only the endless grey haze as it was behind him.  “So I’m alone again?” he said aloud.  “No… never alone, you know this.  I am always here.” a voice echoed through his head, quite possibly a sign of insanity.. or perhaps a higher being.  Sometimes it was hard to tell.  “Well.. what do I do now?” Kaska-Ta asked defeated.  “The same thing you’ve always done.  Move forward.  You are weakened now, your heart is broken.  In truth it has never really healed, but now you can feel it, so you can learn to live with it, and, eventually maybe mend it.”  The voice replied.  Kaska-Ta did indeed feel weak.  “I can’t see it anymore…” he said “I can see the fantasy but not the reality.  I can see everyone else’s reality and potential… but not mine.” Kaska-Ta was certain he heard a soft chuckle from the voice of god in his head.  “Patience.”  Kaska-Ta knew that.  It was always about patience.  He had been patient for so long now.  “I’m tired.” he said “I want to just stop.”  He paused for a moment, and then continued “Everyone is gone.  Sure they are still there, but none of them are mine, not my people, not my family.  Even my fledgeling has long since been drifting away.”  “As she should.”  the voice added.  “I know… I know.” Kaska-Ta replied.  “It’s just hard to keep going when I don’t know what I have to show for it.”  The voice nudged Kaska-Ta within his head as if to gently get his attention “You have touched many lives and shaped many destinies.  Let that be enough and practice the gratitude you so readily and correctly try to teach.”  “A lot of THEM don’t seem very grateful.” Kaska-Ta was now feeling bitter toward his own weakness.  “Perhaps not.” the voice replied “But what you do, and have accomplished with or without anyone should be enough for you.  Sleep now, you will feel better as the days pass, and there is still work to be done.”  And so Kaska-Ta laid down and he stopped for a while.  He knew he would get up again, but he didn’t know when, and he didn’t know when it would feel better after he got up.  He just knew he had to move forward.  There is still work to be done.    

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