Thank You

So I’m still relatively new to this blogging thing, and I do it as much for myself as I do anyone else.  I think I do okay as far as consistency and even content (though I run much longer than many…)  What I don’t do, however, is network much in the blogging world.  It’s mostly a time issue, I do actually go and check out some of your blogs when you follow / favorite me, but I have yet to really spend time diving in.  It’s all about instant gratification I suppose.  I’ll work on that.

In the meantime though, I want to say thank you, and that I’m grateful that you’re willing to take your time to read what I put down here.  Hopefully somehow you take something from it.  What I lack in external interactivity I will make up for through my interactions here.  I’ll happily answer comments or questions, and if you have something specific you’d like me to write about, comment on one of my posts or send me a tweet @JordanCascata and I’ll do my best to give you something worth reading.

I think that gratitude is extremely important for somebody as selfish as I am.  When you are grateful for what you receive, you naturally get more of it.  Gratitude has the dual purpose of both reinforcing positive bonds and making you feel good about yourself.  There’s no downside.

So thank you, for both reading what I write, and being patient when real life becomes exhausting and I don’t have time or energy to write a proper post.  I promise you minimum one a week on average, but it has been and should continue to be much more often then that.  Now though, I’ve been awake over eighteen hours straight on four and a half hours sleep and I have an awards party to run tomorrow for my company.  I should be back with something substantial on Sunday.

Thank You!

~ Jordan in the Grey Area

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