2014-09-26 15.12.48-1… I had to figure out what this was about. I wanted to write and I wanted to write for people that both do and don’t know me. As it is I write fairly often anyway, but always for myself or select individuals. Long ago I attempted a couple of different blogs with mixed results, but I still enjoy looking back on them. But I have a greater purpose in that I want this to actually be interesting to you. While that’s impossible for all of you, I figure if I can keep some of you around (and piss some of you off) I’ll be doing an okay job.

So what is this about? Well, me. I’m more or less a narcissist after all. But while it’s about me, it’s not. It’s about what you think about what I think. You don’t have to tell me (but I’m sure some of you will anyway, and that’s ok!) A lot of people close to me tell me that I’m different, that I see the world differently and they often don’t entirely understand why I do what I do. I can’t totally explain here, but by sharing my opinions, maybe you’ll get a better idea.

Ahhh but why would you care right? So many people blog, and reading is so much more boring than YouTube. Well, I decided I need to touch on some things that you will agree with, or get angry at. I’m going to try to manipulate you to react. I don’t care how you react (seriously it’s not personal… in most cases) as long as it makes you think, or feel, or both. In order to do that I need to focus on stuff that gets your attention, so basically: Sex, Lifestyle, Religion, Politics, Tech, whatever. Nothing is going to be held back except names and places of personal experiences may be changed to protect the innocent (in other words, people other than me.) Maybe you can put two and two together if you know me outside of the net, but keep in mind I’ll be counting on that, and misdirection is a powerful thing. I won’t lie (outside of previously mentioned), I really hate lying, but I’ll let you go wherever you want with what I give you, even if I know it’s the opposite direction.

Pictured: Sexy.

It won’t always be scandal or intense though. I’m also going to focus a lot on my hedonistic tendencies: Food, Drink, Sex, Things (Cars, Tech and what-not)… and whatever it is I do to enjoy my time on this world (experiences!) now. Frankly, I think that when people talk about dreams in the sense that you sacrifice now to be happy later is ridiculous. Goals are great, and working towards them gives you purpose (which you need, now!) but storing your happiness in the future is useless because I can guarantee two things: 1. The future isn’t going to play out exactly like you think, and 2. Once you get there, you’ll regret not having more fun along the way.  There’s also always the possibility that some of us simply won’t last as long as we expect to.

Perhaps that’s where the “Libertine” comes in. I’m no “Lord Byron” but I can definitively say that I exist in the grey area of morality. We should do what makes us happy now, and if something is NOT making us happy, it’s best to discard it.  Granted I realize in today’s complicated world it’s just not that simple… but that’s why the grey area exists; the world is not simple, and neither are the solutions.  You can MAKE it simple by leading a hard-line black and white life, but that either requires a huge amount of personal restraint, sacrifice and fortitude, or complete and total faith in ideals and concepts that are frankly questionable at best.  If you do it for the first reason, and are happy that way, I’m both impressed and respect you (even if I don’t agree with you.)  If you are one of the latter, I’m not judging you personally, but I feel it’s both a cop-out and dangerously narrow-minded.  I have many friends that are religious in some form but continue to keep an open mind, I can respect that much more…

Originally this post was much longer, but a friend I had proofreading this suggested I divide it here before I dive into some arguably heavier stuff.   For the sake of your attention span and avoiding boredom I agreed…

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